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Stream Processing, Choosing the Right Tool for the Job

Due to the increasing interest in real-time processing, many stream processing frameworks were developed. However, no clear guidelines have been established for choosing the right framework for a specific use case. In this talk, Giselle talks about decision factors for some of the most popular stream processing frameworks: Spark Streaming, Structured Streaming, Kafka Streams and Flink.


Giselle van Dongen, Lead Data Scientist Klarrio.

Dr. Giselle van Dongen is Lead Data Scientist at Klarrio specializing in real-time data analysis, processing and visualization. After a successful PhD defense on bench marking real-time distributed processing systems such as Spark Streaming, Structured Streaming, Flink and Kafka Streams, the entire benchmark code base has now also been open-sourced and can be found here.

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